Gatekeeping, Goal Posts, and Human Rights

If you do not find the human rights argument enough to argue against calling people animals, even if they are gang members, here’s another way: ICE has been claiming the people it brings in are MS-13 members because that’s the easiest way to get someone held without bail. It is clear that in many cases they are making up the association, and some judges have begun to call them out on it. 

It doesn’t matter if the president was talking about MS-13 when he called immigrants “animals” (it’s not entirely clear to me, after reading the transcript, why people arguing that he wasn’t painting with a broad brush) or that the White House is releasing statements calling MS-13 animals. Federal agencies, under the direction of the administration, are treating MS-13 and undocumented immigrants as synonymous in order to increase the sense of threat while giving themselves the excuse to treat human beings with impunity. 

So there you go. Human rights should have been enough, but if that’s not enough, the rest really should be.

Capital's Turn

The push to dismantle the federal government by billionaires and privatize its services is an indirect admittance that they have no real hope in new inventions to “diversify” their “portfolios.” There is no terra incognita left, no major technological developments that will make them more money, or the developments that *could* come won’t make the returns on investment that these companies have become used to and they are therefore uninterested (see: the Goldman Sachs exec who said curing disease wasn’t a viable longterm investment opportunity because the cured don’t pay anymore money for treatment).

Essentially: capital has gobbled up the whole world, and the only way to feed its insatiable growth is to sacrifice governing systems on the altar of prosperity so the bones can be picked clean.

What the plan is after that final devouring? It will almost certainly turn to people, as humans are about the only thing on the planet that are continuing to grow and feed the giant machine, as we are killing or depleting everything else. Time will tell how dystopian the shift to “human capital” will become, but if the governments are defanged, if not completely coopted, there isn’t going to be anyone to protect people from the worst impulses of an unbridled system.