Voting Rights Shuffle

It was not easy to find a way to early vote on Monday in Little Rock, since all of the polling place shut down except for one, and the hours were variable on other places during the week before. It's defended, I'm sure, as a cost-saving measure, but added in with the required ID law, changing voting stations at a whim is, in effect, voter suppression, regardless of how it is justified.

A lot of people encourage others to examine their own privilege, and here's me seeing mine: 

I knew about early voting (a lot of people don't because when we educate people about voting, we focus on the date rather than the ways people have options to do so). I had my choice of whatever day not that I could go but that I wanted to go, so I went on Monday. I couldn't find my polling place hours for Monday, but I knew who to ask. Then I was able to drive there, and I would have had the time, resources, and energy to be able to drive there if I'd gone to the wrong place first. There was a traffic jam and it was hard to park, but because someone drove me to the polling place, I could just hop out, go vote, and come back. I had my driver's license, which was necessary to vote because a judge ruled voter ID legal in Arkansas. The most difficult part was finding out where to vote (which is a capital-P Problem), but because I knew who to ask, it was a smooth process. 

There are multiple junctures within that paragraph that someone else might have been prevented from voting. Lack of voter education, time, money, energy, transportation, and voting information - these are all poll taxes.

Can you imagine if you took a bus (in Little Rock, this is the ultimate time suck - it takes ages to get anywhere) or got a ride to your local polling place on Monday and found out that you actually needed to go to a completely different part of town? Or if, by some accident of your own history - whether it was that you moved a lot or that your house burned down or even if you're just forgetful, that you were unable to get an ID because you don't have your Social Security card or birth certificate? 

Voting should be easier.