Need an Editor?

My name is Whit. I teach and have a PhD in history. I have experience editing all sorts of work, including academic, scientific, and creative works, including poetry and memoirs. I have previously been the editor of literary and news magazines, and my editing services are regularly solicited by academics within the humanities.

Download the request form below and send your estimate to onedivinemachine(at), along with a max 100-word abstract and title (if available).

Note: this form does not constitute a contract, and the final price may differ from the estimate generated by the form.

What to Expect

What can you expect from your money? I offer revision suggestions and corrections, and I offer overall analysis of the structure, flow, and problem areas of the document. Please note: I do not finalize the document. Clients will receive a marked-up document (either in digital or printed form) with general comments on the document as a whole. Finalizing edits is up to the client. Correspondence regarding the edits, comments, and suggestions is included in the price, but if the client wants another edit of the same document after implementing changes, the client and editor will have to come to a new agreement regarding price before proceeding.

Payment is due after the document is edited but before the edits are delivered to the client.

If you have any questions, simply email onedivinemachine(at)